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Head To Toe Beauty was founded in 2003 by Rebecca Louise Connelly with the vision of providing a low cost but effective presence on the internet for businesses and professionals wishing to advertise their beauty services. However, as word got round of the unprecedented growth of the site it soon became apparent that Head To Toe Beauty should utilise its unique position to branch outside of beauty services. As a result it became an all-rounder; providing a platform for advertising for fitness, spiritual, health and beauty businesses and professionals.


Rebecca recognised a gap in the market for advertising packages available on the web, that gap being the lack of information that other advertising venues allowed their clients, so rather than selling a small block on a page cluttered with other businesses details directly competing each other, Rebecca developed a package that was as unique to the client as it was to the web, that being that each business/professional was given a whole page with their own individual URL to advertise as their presence with no restriction on words, images and an emphasis placed on adding their own business message as THEY intend it to be.


The results were a resounding success and Head To Toe Beauty continues to go from strength to strength with our testimonials speaking for themselves.


As well as offering advertising packages ranging from £19.99 - £200 per annum, Rebecca, through Head To Toe Beauty, also offers entrepreneurship training and business consultancy packages. These one hour consultations provide clients with a wealth of knowledge and resources to grow your idea/business from scratch. Or if you are an established business you can still gain helpful advice, knowledge and resources to help your business expand greater on the internet.


Rebecca also undergoes charity work, her lastest effort will be trekking in Costa Rica 2016 for Marie Curie. You can sponsor Rebecca by visting here:






To contact Head To Toe Beauty with any other enquiry please see our Contact Us page.



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