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BREAKING THE MOULD- by Lee Scott of Personal Training UK

Is the plight of the ‘Chocaholic’ Psychological or Physiological? - by Alan Gordon Why is it that even with warning the pain is still so strong? Bereavement is a pain like no other. To lose something valued so much is to lose a part of who we are. The part of us that loved, the part of us that believed; that had so many dreams for the future.



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Could running be making you fatter - by Amanda Wright
Sadly I think the answer to this question maybe YES.
First off I am not totally against running, it is a natural endorphin busting, bone
building, cardiovascular type of exercise. This is great if you are built for running
and are not carrying too much extra weight. Think back to around the New Year to
the ‘must lose weight' runners pounding the pavements in an attempt to drop the
pounds! Running seems to be the most common activity associated with losing
weight and toning up. Unfortunately you are not doing yourself any favors and could
actually be doing yourself more harm than good, let me explain further.
Running is impact exercise, in fact your putting 3 x your body weight force through
your hips, knees and ankles. That could be 300kg your putting through your body
every time your foot strikes the ground if you’re a 100kg man! If you are overweight
your joints are not going to be able to deal with that amount of repetitive forceful
stress. The problem is you are more than likely not strong enough to run properly, it’s
like trying to run before you can walk. You will most definitely be setting yourself up
to fail, eventually leading to hip, back, groin, knee and possible ankle injuries along
the way.
Now the truth about running and burning calories, yes you will burn calories and
yes you will lose weight. But it’s the difference between getting a sprinters body
and a marathon runner’s body. A sprinters body say Usain Bolt for example is lean,
athletic, muscular with great definition. A marathon runner’s body say Paula Radcliffe
for example is smaller with less muscle definition.
Without getting too scientific I just want to explain quickly about 'twitch fibres'. Muscle
fibres are categorized as fast and slow (fast twitch fibres are also broken down into
type 2a and 2b). Some scientists believe we are predisposed to either more slow
or fast twitch fibres, making us better at either endurance type events or shorter
explosive type events. Marathon or long distance runners predominantly use slow
twitch fibres, as these fibres are enduring. Sprinters on the other hand are said to
use more fast twitch fibres, and could possess up to 80% of them. Fast twitch fibres
are the ones that are responsible for revving up your metabolic rate, which could
keep you burning from fat for many hours after you've finished your workout!
So to clarify:
• Running for long distances are the least effective for fat burning.
• Running for long distances will cause your body to conserve energy and store
• Running for long distances will cause your metabolic rate to slow and you will
store more fat.
• Running for long distances will increase your stress hormone 'cortisol' and
cause you to store more fat.
• Running for long distances may cause more inflammation in your body.
• Running for long distances may suppress your immune system.
So unless you are training for a marathon or long distance event, what is an
overweight unconditioned runner to do? Well you do ‘intervals’; anyone who knows
me, or has had the pleasure of working with me knows I do 'intervals'. This means you want to intersperse short periods of intensity with active recovery. This way you’re only putting pressure on your joints for a short period of time followed by some recovery. You can repeat this process as many times as you want or as many as your body lets you. Try and keep to easy on your joints surfaces, such as grass, tracks, roads (often made from tarmac) opposed to pavements (often made from concrete). And of course goes without saying, but it is also vital to include a strengthening type program to help build more lean muscle which increases the ability to burn more calories from fat, you will get leaner and fitter - but remember no long slow distances!


Sleep Yourself Fitter!

Most people are aware these days of the importance of regular, healthy sleep. Busy lives and everyday stresses are much easier to deal with if we're getting the amount of sleep we should, and some studies have shown that too little (or too much) sleep can actually make us ill.


First Things First

One of the most important things you can do to ensure you get the right amount of sleep is to make sure that your bed is right for you. Different people have different needs – some need firmer mattresses than others, for example. No mattress lasts forever, so if you're having trouble sleeping, have a good look at yours. If it's lumpy and tired-looking, think about treating yourself to a new one. Bedstar have a good range of both sprung and memory foam versions and offer next day delivery; you can order your new mattress on the website or by phone or email.



In fact, getting the correct amount of sleep can make you fitter. If you're engaging in what you consider to be a decent amount of exercise but don't seem to be losing the weight you want to lose, it may be down to not getting enough sleep. The body secretes certain hormones that have a powerful effect on how hungry we feel. Without sufficient sleep, these hormones become imbalanced, and we start to crave the bad stuff – sugar and carbs. On top of that, if you've been exercising reasonably hard, your body needs sleep to repair any tissue damage, so you can get back on the treadmill again the next day.


Switch Off

Another benefit of healthy sleep is that you'll actually feel like you want to go and do some exercise! There's a cyclical effect – exercise will help you sleep, and sleep will help you exercise. It's simply a matter of getting the sleep part right first! There are many things you can do to help you get off to sleep more easily. Recently it's been suggested that the blueish light emitted by modern smartphones and tablet computers tricks the brain into thinking that it's daytime. If you've developed a habit of checking your phone or reading on a tablet in bed, try giving it up for a week – perhaps read an old-fashioned book instead. You may find you drop off more quickly.


Wind Down

Finally, when you plan your exercise routine, make sure you've allowed around three hours between finishing your workout and going to bed. You need time to wind down and let those endorphins dissipate. Any relaxing activity before bed is useful, which means keep anything work-related out of the bedroom as well!




The Way We Live...

The way we take life matters. The way we think, and what we think are what sow the seed wherefrom the tree of life sprouts.

Depending upon what thoughts we mostly dwell in, we attract similar energies of the same frequencies into our lives. These subtle energy waves that we attract gradually materialize into events. These form the very forces that shape our reality!

So, who or what shaped our lives?...our thoughts! And the good news is that simply by changing the flavor of our thoughts into better, positive, well-wishing, love-filled thoughts, we can change the very shape of our lives!!

I personally feel elated to know that 'things' are in our own hands, or rather, in our minds!

Just How Powerful Is Mind Power?

Now, having known the crucial, pivotal, decisive role the mind plays in the larger and in the little pictures of life, all we need to learn, practice and master is... thought makeover through controlled mind power so that we control our minds instead of our minds controlling us, our experiences and our lives. That makes the mind the boss!

So just how powerful could mind power be?...After all, it is our inner will that the mind feeds or runs on. So let's feed it exactly what we want from it, and nothing else! And that takes care of the rest since all else actually occurs as its ripple effect!

Changing Lives

There are just a few things to note and to sincerely follow with unfailing dedication, and life WILL change for what you want it to be... you might need patience though, for what you have sown earlier too does bear its own fruits...but not for long since you have refurbished your thoughts. So now you create what you want, consciously. Now things are under control.

Yet even the suffering from past 'karma' can be partially (and sometimes fully) waived by Divine Grace!

So let's encapsulate the formula for Change!-Stay above pettiness, namely, envy and criticism at all times!

Both are destructive forces that will occupy and waste you out if you allow any. Be brave, ignore pride, erase doubt, overcome envy, and avoid criticizing others. Be stoic to others criticizing you as they are perhaps completely ignorant or insensitive to the laws of the universe...

Remember, what you say or do attracts its exact replica experience(s) back to you. And only higher grace invoked with understanding and repentance for one's deeds, with a promise to never repeat, can neutralize the karma.

...There is not an exception to it!


Positive Transformation - Mind Power with REIKI!

It is time to subscribe to the 'spirit', rebuild your soul connection and merge your mind into Its wiser Will, respecting Its ways of touching the light by way of peace and love! ...By flying in light instead of crawling in darkness and delirium!

It is time to exterminate the ego and its fake existence, its make-believe goodness, that has falsely assumed shape out of thin air, and attached itself lie a parasite to the real YOU eagerly waiting to be rediscovered! Override and slaughter its con ...outshine, outstroke its lethality once and forever with the sharp cleansing beam of your inner truth! Unlearn giving way to falsity to salvage the material moment! ...Let Truth prevail in your thoughts now and every moment of your life!

...At the instance of this grass root transformation, the much awaited metamorphosis will set you free!

A very natural and gentle way to initiate this momentous shift within is to get yourself attuned to the sublime healing frequencies of 'Reiki' ...the Universal Life Energy, the very Source of manifestation. This is the starting point, and thereafter, with daily practice you get seamlessly transitioned from darkness to light by the power of 'life energy' frequencies.

...With a smooth flow of 'Reiki love and light' through your most intimate and intricate energy channels, soothing past hurt, harmonizing present experiences, and shaping future moments to mirror your dreams , your daily Reiki healing routine will prove to be the one key that opens many doors to your celebrated destiny!

Live to full fruition by channelizing 'mind power' the right way with Reiki! Once you are attuned to Reiki Source, you can spontaneously surrender negative thoughts, troubling emotions and bodily toxins... Simply 'intend' and 'ask' Reiki, and the higher intellect of the Universal Life Force Energy instantly does it for you.

~With love, light & Reiki,

Sunetra Basu

Angel/Reiki Healer and Master Teacher




KIRAN SINGH, Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, Life Coach & Author


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