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I am a NZ Registered Occupational Therapist and a Graduated Coach whose coaching is all done by phone or skype.
I have lived and worked in England, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand for over 38 years and now specialize in working with people who have children with special needs or their own special needs that this creates;
mobility challenges;
people moving internationally.
My coaching is
two people working on one person's outcomes
open communication which means nothing is too hard to discuss, and nothing falls through the cracks;
finding several options to achieve specific results just for you.
I have worked as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with children with special needs and their families for many years and know that the parents of these children also have a specific range of problems. Being coached by me will make parental challenges easier to deal with.
I have had a hip replacement and know there are ways of lessening mobility challenges while waiting for/recovering from surgery.
To have worked in 4 different countries means I have moved internationally on numerous occassions and have created check lists to ensure that moving becomes more seamless.
Being coached by me could make all the difference to your ability to enjoy your life. contact me now!




Telephone  PHONE +64 27 283 1763


Programmes tailored to meet your specific requirements in assisting you to deal with the challenges provided your children with special needs, your mobility challenges, or moving yourself and your family country to country.


Area covered

international by phone or skype


Example of Rates

Contact Anne Mace for details



New Zealand Registerd Occupational Therapist
Graduate of Coach U, the premier coaching coellege in the States
Plenty of interesting life experiences

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