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Bob Cheung Integrated Holistic Practice Acupuncturist, Reiki, Tai Chi, Vibrational Medicine
Bob Cheung Introduction

Integrated Holistic Healing

After a full consultation, one or more of the most effective therapies will be selected using Dowsing. Different therapies are suitable for different ailments - integration of treatments offers the fastest route to recovery. Dowsing is a tool used to find the safest and most effective combination of therapies or treatments. Vibrational medicine uses dowsing to discover both the cause and effect and treats the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, holistically bringing all levels back into balance. Bob Cheung is also a Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master and offers private tuition for these and self-defence.





Tui Na Massage
Sports Injury Therapy
Vibrational Medicine
Scenar Therapy
Thermo- Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles) Reflexology Kung Fu Tai Chi Qi Gung
Self- Defence


Area covered

South Wales


Example of Rates

20 for introductory treatment
40 per hour


Tui Na Massage - Master Practitioner Diploma,
International Body Harmonics Centre, ITEC Master Practitioner Diploma
in traditional Chinese Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology. Tui Na Sports Injury Massage, Maintainance and Rehabilitation.
Thero-Auricular Therapy - ITEC
Scenar Therapy - Global Life Solutions ITEC Reiki - ITEC Vibrational Medicine - Jack Temple School of Dowsing Kung Fu and Tai Chi - Hak Gar Kuen Martial Arts Club Qualified, registered Therapist with Embody

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