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Canary Coaching - Sarah Bennett


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NLP Practitioner. Experienced life coach - particular interest in presentation skills, working with creative and young people.











Telephone  PHONE 07515 137564


Coaching can help you define what you want out of life and create a strategy for achieving it. Many of us have stages where we feel ‘stuck’ - not fully in control or unable to move forward - for instance after the end of a relationship, after children leave home, or after losing a job or retiring.
Change is an inevitable part of all our lives, and many people find it unsettling and difficult to handle. Using NLP can assist the process of adaptation, reduce feelings of limitation and open up choices.
NLP respects each individual’s own views and life experiences and does not try to impose beliefs or behaviours.
In private coaching practice we work with people experiencing a range of challenges. These include:
- Stress
- Low Self Esteem and Lack of Confidence
- Negative Attitudes
- Divorce Survival and Recovery
- Anxieties, Fears and Phobias
- Anger
- Poor Concentration
- Weight Problems
- Destructive Behaviour Patterns
- Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Having had experience of corporate life and the pressures that come with it, particularly for executives, I use NLP to make good executives better. This often involves modelling on yourself - looking at the systems you have to do things excellently, and bringing those to areas in which you are less confident.

We can help with:
- Presenting Skills
- Public Speaking
- Stress Management
- People Management
- Dispute Resolution
- Assertiveness
- Time Management
- Work/Life Balance
- Career Change

Having had experience as a performer, writer, interviewer and booker on the comedy circuit, I understand the challenges that come with rejection and having to build up your confidence for each performance or audition. NLP techniques can enable you to be 'you on a good day', more often than not.

We can help Actors, Comics and Writers in the following ways:

- Getting into the right 'state' for an audition or performance
- Selling yourself to get gigs and auditions
- Coping with rejection
- Preventing procrastination and focussing on your career
- Balancing required 'admin' and 'bill-paying jobs' and being a creative


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Certified Practioner in NLP
Member of the Professional Guild of NLP




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