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Cathy McCarneyCathy McCarneyIntroduction

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in the treatment of fears and anxiety management , coping with personal problems, stress related symptoms, and difficult life changes. Hypnosis allows you to meet your own needs within your own personal growth, it promotes a positive attitude, helps you gain greater confidence or self-esteem, and uses powerful motivation strategies and techniques to help you live stress free. Learning self-hypnosis also gives you the ability to reduce or control your own pain, to learn how to heal faster and to change attitudes within both mind and body. The many benefits of Hypnosis to physical, mental and spiritual health are profound.
Remarkable results have been achieved in hypnosis treatments for: STOPPING SMOKING; WEIGHT MANAGEMENT; OVERCOMING FEARS AND ANXIETIES as well as many others Discover good emotional health and the benefits of creating positive change in your life. Learn how you!
can initiate that positive change by embracing your uncertainties and
moving forward without creating too much turbulence.....Change doesn't
have to be scary!! We all have the abilities to create opportunities
that are right for us and which help us build the confidence and
freedom to go forward successfully, so why not give yourself the
opportunity to discover how Hypnotherapy can work for you? No-one can
tell you what is true for you, you can only discover that for yourself.




Telephone  07970 947024



Clinical Hypnotherapy


Area covered

Coventry and Warwickshire


Example of Rates

I offer a FREE consultation and my hourly rates usually range from
£65 to £120, and will be discussed during the consultation. I am also able to offer reduced rates for those who are on benefits and low income.



Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with certificate of Membership to The Association of Ethical Professional Hypnotherapists. Also registered with the International Professional Board Of Hypnotherapy and have a certification in Life Coaching

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