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Chip Ponsford Counselling

Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio PictureIntroduction

Counselling in Kentish Town London. I offer a comfortable, safe and private place in which I will listen to you as attentively and non-judgementally as I can. The chance to talk, and be heard in this privacy, away from those closest to you can be liberating.

The Person-centred therapy I offer can help in the following ways:

• I recognise you as the expert on your own life

• We work at your pace

• We explore your thoughts, ideas, feelings, relationships and behaviour

• We explore together - I work to earn the trust to be your companion in this exploration

• I will be real and open with you

• I believe you have the potential to grow in your own way towards the life you want.




Telephone  PHONE 07940 853 123


Safety and trust

• The room I work in is purpose built for therapy and counselling. It is very well sound-proofed so it feels safe in terms of not being overheard and there are other counsellors and therapists working in the building so it doesn’t feel isolated.

• I also mean safe in the sense that I am personally committed to being open and transparent with you and in that I won’t be labelling you, telling you how you feel or what you should do. My job is to understand how things are for you. By you exploring and describing your experience to me and by me listening very attentively and uncritically to the whole that experience whether it is in the past, right now or it's your ideas and physical sensations, we can help you find clarity for yourself and make sense of your experiences. This requires commitment from both of us. It can be emotionally painful, confusing, even fun, and much else but it only works if you feel safe from judgement.

• Trust is fundamentally important part of my work and confidentiality is central to this trust. I work within the BACP’s ethical framework and so I attend supervision in which I discuss the people I work with but I never identify them to my supervisor or anyone else. Supervision also helps with my continuous growth as a counsellor.

Why Person-centred?

I am passionate about the person-centred approach because I believe it is most respectful of your understanding of your own life. And it is based on trusting your own resources to make sense of your experience rather than a counsellor/therapist being an expert about that experience. I like that it respects the fact that there are as many 'client issues' as there are people in the world. So the client issues I work with are as varied as those with whom I have worked and include what might be called:

• depression

• anxiety

• relationship issues

• trauma

• sexual abuse

• drink or drug problems

• loneliness

• relationship problems

• anger issues

• long-term mental distress of various kinds

Why am I a counsellor?

Because I have benefited enormously from counselling and I want to offer the same chance to others. This is my way of trying to make the world a better place – one person at a time!

Where have I worked?

Katherine Price Hughes House

I used my counselling skills whilst working as a key-worker at Katherine Price Hughes House with men serving sentences for serious offences.
Such people are often judged or written off for some of their actions and seemed to benefit from a trustworthy relationship in which to explore their lives.

Highbury Counselling Centre

I worked at Highbury Counselling Centre with clients who represented the cultural and ethnic diversity and the material inequality of north London. These clients brought a great many different areas of counselling to work with.

Islington MIND

I have worked at Islington MIND with previously hospitalised people with long-term mental distress such as that which can be caused by childhood sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

The Maytree

I have volunteered as a befreinder at ‘The Maytree’ a short-term residential ‘sanctuary for the suicidal' with people who are actively considering suicide but need somewhere to talk through their thoughts and feelings. I found that listening properly and attentively to these people, and simply spending time with them rather than a more common response of persuading them not to commit suicide, helped them explore their own way.


Area covered

Kentish Town


Example of Rates

Between £30 and £50 per session.
free initial exploratory phone call and first session is £15




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