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Dave Bevan

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I claim no grand authority; I just have a gift for letting people know that they are truly welcomed and valued, and that they have everything they need to make their own lives better.

Often, the heart of this is that special mixture of acceptance and action: deeply accepting and allowing what we cannot change, and courageously acting on what we know in our hearts to be most true and important to us. My aim is to help you to discover whatever that truth and importance is for you, and help you bring it to life.

I think I am at my best helping people who need that mixture of head and heart: often I can help people unpick the logical nets they have caught themselves in, or help them to reverse out of conceptual dead-ends. In part, this is a rational process, but it is also about letting the analytical mind quieten down so that the heart can be heard.

Depending on the person, this can be a highly practical process or something much more spacious and emotional - spiritual, even, if that is the way that you express yourself. In any case, it will always be led by your needs.




Telephone  PHONE 07824444190


Life Coaching


Area covered

South West and London


Example of Rates

First session free, then by donation: pay what feels right according to your means. Guidelines are £20 per hour for unwaged, £40 for low incomes and £80 for high incomes.




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