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Key to a Better Life Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Management, Martial Arts
David Long Introduction

Whether you are a first-time exerciser, a gym fanatic, competitive athlete or just want to train occasionally, Key to a better life is committed to providing you with great facilities and an incredible services. Our simple yet comfortable environment provides a setting in which regular exercise and relaxation becomes a real pleasure, in a friendly & welcoming atmosphere. We have made knowledge a priority so our clients can feel good about life & exercise, ultimately encouraging others to partake in good lifestyle management. As role models we can begin to improve the health of the Nation.


Telephone 07909 911671


Personal training, lifestyle management, martial arts


Area covered

Swindon & Cheltenham


Example of Rates

Please contact David Long for details



BEd Hons Physical Eductaion & Science Premier Training – Dip FTST IIHHT – Dip Sports Therapy

BJA Junior Coach
BJA Personal Safety Advisor
AAA Level 1 Coach
ELA Level 1 Coach
RFU Level 1 Rugby Coach
B.A.G.A Level 1 Gymnastics Coach
St Johns Ambulance First Aid Qualification RYA Level 1 Windsurfing Qualification ASA Swimming Teachers Award Bronze & Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Football Association Teaching Certificate English Cricket Board Level1 Coach LTA Level 1 Coaching Award ENA Level 1 Coach Pilates Institute Level 1 Instructor Power-seekers Kettle Ball Instructor Tutor of CSLA Award

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