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Nothing Nasty

Nothing Nasty



Lovingly handmade, beautifully scented all natural skin care products.
Are you concerned about toxic ingredients in skin care products? Then look no further! Nothing Nasty is dedicated to natural skin care, bath products and aromatherapy to ease your mind, to safeguard your health and to help the environment.

We make our products by hand using all natural ingredients in small batches. We offer a personal and friendly service. There are no call centres, no buttons to press. If you have a big order, we can deliver it locally!

We only use natural ingredients like pure vegetable and seed oils, essential oils, beeswax and sea salt! We use NO artificial additives, preservatives, colours, fragrances or mineral oils. All our products have a full list of ingredients for the benefit of vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies.

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We make skin care and beauty products that contain only what is good for your skin and your body. We do not use anything unnatural and unnecessary. In skin care simple is best.

Our moisturisers don’t use water: Most of the moisturisers you can buy today are largely based on water, because it’s cheap. Using water in products allows for bacterial growth, creating the need for preservatives, often synthetic ones, which further dry out the skin.

The only moisturiser our skin needs is oil: Our bodies make natural oils to keep it healthy. If it becomes dry and needs additional moisturising it’s best to use oils that are closest to the body’s own. That’s what we do. We use gorgeous vegetable and seed oils, and add essential oils, like lavender and rose, with genuine healing properties.

Safe and gentle: Your skin is incredibly efficient at absorbing what you put on it. What you slap on your skin, goes into your body. Those with sensitive skin need to be even more careful. That is why we use only gentle, healthy, and natural ingredients. Our products offer an alternative to the harsh preservatives, perfumes, stabilisers and colourings found in many beauty products.

Slow, careful, and divine: We make all our products by hand, in small batches to ensure freshness. We have a wide range of wonderful items to make you look great, smell divine, and to help care for your body. So go ahead and treat yourself today.



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