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Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Life Coach and EFT Practitioner.

EnergiZe - Susanne Wiechert


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Health coaching for life: specialising in asthma, eczema, other skin problems, stress-related issues, depression, weight management, digestive problems, food intolerance and much more.

“I would trust Susanne completely and recommend her to anyone who is looking for the special kind of treatment that only comes from the full understanding of all of a practioner’s knowledge and training, but also from her own life experience.”  Gillian J, Amersham
About Susanne

Involved in nutrition for almost 10 years and a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association, I originally got involved in complementary medicine whilst on the search for something to help my son with his asthma and eczema as conventional medicine was only ever doing the 'fire-fighting'. After an exceptionally good response to a liquid mineral supplement - Maximol Solutions - I became very interested in the role of nutrition and there it all started. From nutrition to the range of services listed below, you will find a unique approach to the unique you! 

What Is Your Presenting Problem?

How often are you asked this question and don't really know the answer. What seems to be an obvious symptom, can so very often turn out to be the surface problem to something else  or a combination of several things - some with underlying and hidden psychological roots.

When you come to EnergiZe, you'll realise the benefits almost immediately. You are after all unique and for this reason, you'll be given an individualised treatment programme. What works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another. A health food is only a health food, as long as it suits the individual. So rest assured that whatever your presenting problem is, you will be dealt with the utmost professionalism, individuality, confidentiality and appreciation.



Telephone  PHONE 01923 720982/ 07747 011522


    • ·                     Kinesiology (great for food intolerance testing)
    • ·                     Bio-energetics - for a great Body Balance
    • ·                     EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) - Tap your way out of pain and misery
    • ·                     Reiki - the ultimate in relaxation and energy balancing
    • ·                     Neuro linguistic Programming - get to the root of the issue
    • ·                     Neurological Re-patterning (great for behavioural change - including addictions)
    • ·                     Hypnotherapy - tap into your unconsious to get rid of your problem


    Area covered

    Amersham, Chesham, Berkhamsted, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Watford, Hemel Hempsted, London


    Example of Rates

    Rates vary from £30 - £85 per session.  For details please take a look at



    • ·                     S.N.H.S. Dip. Nutrition
    • ·                     Second Degree Reiki
    • ·                     Graduate & Post-Graduate Certificate for Bio-Energetics
    • ·                     Master Practitioner for NLP, Hypnotherapy, Neurological Re-Patterning and Results Coach



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