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Essex and Kent Paranormal Research - Bill Graham

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The Essex and Kent Paranormal Research Society Ghost Investigation Team (sometimes referred to as Ghost Hunters) was set up in October 2004 for two reasons.

One) Our main goal is to help people who feel they may have a ghost or spirit in there home or place of work.

Two) For the sake of ghost investigations, which was inspired by the Living TV program "Most Haunted" with Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah, and the program "Ghost Hunters" The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.




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Haunted by a ghost or spirit?

Do you have strange things going on in your home or place of work, would you like to know what's going on and why?

You can decide on what level of confidentiality you would prefer. We can do spirit rescue and or house cleansing but only with your permission.

We are a very busy team of investigators and as a result we do not write up full investigation reports for our website, but if there is anything we feel needs to be shared, we will of course post it in some detail on this website.

We offer our services totally FREE, except for a good supply of Tea and Coffee for the team. But if you wanted to make a donation towards some of our costs, it would be gratefully accepted. We would not in anyway be offended if you did not or could not make a donation.

The investigation would be from about 10:30pm until about 6am, in order to conduct a good investigation. We always intend to be professional. We understand and fully respect that we will be on private property at all times and all due consideration will be given, so that no damage come to any part of your property. We all have the utmost respect and promise there will be no horseplay, or any other disagreeable conduct. Only the research will be done, for the duration permitted and in the agreed areas.

If you agree to this we would also like you to notify only the appropriate people of the date and time of our investigation, so that there won't be any false alarms. We agree that we undertake this research at our own risk and understand that you are not responsible for any injury or damage to our members or our instruments, while on your property.

We agree to conduct the entire study out of view of the general public, so as not to arouse their interest. We ask that if you give your permission, please give us a current copy of your floor plans, if you have them, so that we can accurately make notes of which rooms have activity in them. If you require any other conditions to be met, we will accommodate them. The members will disclose their names and contact information and adhere to your terms as well, on the date of the study.


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Example of Rates

No fee, Tea or coffee through out invest a free donation welcome for expenses



The main core of the Team are,

Bill Graham Team Leader, and Debunker.

Neil Green, Tech support, Debunker and Photographer.

Christina Green, Medium and Author of "They're Only a Breath Away".

Rev. Keith Thompson, Medium and Reverend.

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