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Francesca Nicholas Nutrition

Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio PictureIntroduction

Having worked in a range of clinical and public health environments, I am able to help those with clinical diseases and recovery. With my experience and knowledge I am able to cater for clients that have suffered medical conditions such as strokes and diabetes.

As a Registered Associate Nutritionist of the Association for Nutrition, my expertise covers a range of nutritional areas, including Sport, Biochemistry, Immunology, Public Health and Clinical Nutrition.

My client base includes adolescents, adults, the elderly, as well as individuals with allergies, intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, genetic diseases, hernias, gout, EDS, diabetes and hemochromatosis.




Telephone  PHONE 07397970948


My services include a wide variety of programmes aimed to help with your nutritional needs. I provide an initial consultation (either 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on what you need). I will then work with you to develop your tailored nutrition plan through nutritional sessions, individually tailored food plans, individual sports nutritonal advice, pre and post workout foods for your individual exercise regimes and much more.

My client base and expertise include: pregnancy, weight loss, weight maintenance, elite athletes, food allergies/ intolerance


Area covered

All covered via Skype,telephone, email. Areas in person inc BR1-BR7, SE9-13, DA16 surrounding areas


Example of Rates

My initial consultation (45 minutes) is £30

Follow up consultation's (45 minutes) are £30

Weekly food plans are £40

There are also monthly package deals with discounts provided



MSc in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition (UCL)
BSc in Nutrition (University of Nottingham)
ANutr- Registered Associate Nutritionist of the Association for Nutrition

I work with multiple elite and professional athletes including a judo athlete and a premier league footballer.

I also work with Mark Colburn- A UK paralympic 2012 Gold medal winner

Further a few celebrities also require my services. Therefore, you can trust that I am reliable and fully qualified.

My vast qualifications make me one of the top Nutritionist in the UK and my extensive knowledge will help you achieve your goal in a given target.

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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