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Francis Bevan/psychic/Numerologist

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Francis Bevan is a natural born psychic who became aware of talents at 10years old.  His readings are extremely accurate and professional. When he does his readings he tunes into your psychic energy and also use his mediumship skills.  He is also highly skilled at Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Card reading.  So why not let yourslef be guided by his sensitive insights in the areas of love, family, career, finance and health and spiritual growth.




Telephone  PHONE 02 96736321


Email readings, Phone Consultations,Face to Face Readings, and online psychic dvelopment courses.


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Email Readings are $50.00AUD per question and phone consultations are $4.95 AUD PER MIN.  For more information



Francis Bevan is the author of 2 books Th Hnadbook Of Psychic Development an Your Future By Reading TheCards.  He has been established since 1984.  Francis is a member of the Australian Psychic Association and in 2007 he was voted NSW pSychic Of The Year

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