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GR Hypnotherapy Clinic

Gillian RobinsonIntroduction

Professional, caring hypnotherapist dealing with all aspects of hypnotherapy in a completely confidential environment


Hypnosis is a very powerful means of dealing with a wide range of physical and emotional problems. It is not the loss of control as portrayed on stage. Rather it is a deep state of relaxation which allows the subconcious mind to react to suggestion. At no point do you lose control. You will be fully aware of what is going on throughout a session. The human brain is amazing in its powers. Hypnotherapy assists us to tap into and use that power.


Telephone 07816 764705



I treat a wide range of disorders and problems some of which are:

Specialist clinic for children and teenagers

In my experience this age group react very well to hypnosis and the benefits are many. Targeting problems at a young age can make a tremendous diffence to both the youngsters current situation and to their future.

Pain control

Hypnosis can be extreemly effective as a means to manage pain. The fact that hypnosis has been used in place of anaesthetic to perform both minor and major operations attests to its effectiveness.


Avoid the dangers of HRT and gain control using hypnosis

Weight loss

I give you amazing and effective tools by which to loose weight and then keep it off for life. A combination of hypnotherapy, positive visualisation and correct food combining are used. Diets are not incorporated as I do not believe that they are the answer to long term weight management.

Unlock your full potential

Learn how to focus, how to expand your abilities and how to succeed at your highest level in your chosen field. Your goals are not as far away as you may think!

Stop smoking

This can normally be achieved in one session using an extremely powerful script. Regain your health by kicking a potentially harmful habit. Save your money and treat yourself to the things you have always wanted.

Self hypnosis

This can be taught should you wish to have the power to control your life and overcome problems in the future.


I am available to give talks and demonstrations to groups.


Area covered

Dorset, mainly Bournemouth,Poole,Southampton and surrounding areas


Example of Rates

Fees vary according to treatments required. I generally charge £35 per treatment with a 1/2 hour free consultation included on your first visit. The stop smoking session is a one off payment of £100 which is less than most smokers spend on cigarettes in a month.



Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the European College of Hypnotherapy in Surrey; Diploma in Reflexology; Diploma in Life Line councelling; Certificate in Theology; Certificate in Student Mentoring; Certificate in Disability Mentoring

Member of GHR and GHSC

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