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GOLDEN WHEALTH - Marigold Katsande

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Golden WHealth – denoting that our health and wealth are inter-linked and, when they are in balance, lead to opportunities which are beneficial to us. This results in our happiness, success and prosperity. Hence these are golden opportunities.
We offer the complementary therapy Natural Nutrition and Personal Performance Coaching as powerful tools for transformation. The health, well-being and success of individuals impact that of teams and organizations since these are made up of individuals.

Golden WHealth was conceived through the discovery, through personal experience, of the power of Natural Nutrition and Life Coaching in transforming lives by its founder. Marigold Katsande has always had an interest in natural living and healing from a very young age when she used to help fetch various herbs, roots and plants for her grandmother, who was a natural healer in Southern Africa. This was her early introduction to Natural Healing.




Telephone  PHONE 07890540042


Life Coaching and Nutrition advice


Area covered

London (face-to-face) And National (by phone & email)


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Please contact Marigold for details



Advanced Diploma in Coaching, DNN (Diploma in Natural Nutrition), NOCN Certificate in Drug Education, RMN (Registered Mental Nurse)

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