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Human Nutritionist

Healthy Options Made Easier -Teresa Cintra

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I am a registered Nutritionist with experience in providing practical advice to people who need help following a healthy diet or that need to know the recommended advise in the management of conditions/diseases such as weight management, diabetes or in the prevention or management of cardiovascular disease and other diseases. I have been implementing Cook4Life classes as part of the Change4Life programme aimed at parents with children under 5 (but that might have children of all ages) to improve the whole family diet by highlighting the risks of cooking with too much fat, particularly the type of fat that can raise your cholesterol; salt which is associated with high blood pressure and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and added sugars which provide no nutritional benefits to your health but certainly can encourage tooth decay and excess weight that can easily lead to being overweight or even obese. With the rise of obesity and diabetes figures not only in adults but also in children, the government created strategies and targets to reduce prevalence of chronic disease. We all know about the financial burden upon the NHS to treat disease that could be prevented otherwise by healthy choices in shopping, cooking and serving healthy meals to friends and family. This is further worsen by living in a obesogenic environment where take-aways are readily available at affordable prices but that come full of fat, salt and added sugars to satisfy our increasing demanding palates.

Deciding what constitutes a good and balanced diet, for example, manage your weight can be difficult and with mixed messages published in the media about healthy eating and 'fad diets', that we all know don't work in the long term, choosing a balanced and healthy diet can be tricky.

My role as a qualified Nutritionist is to guide you in the management of your condition and providing nutritionally sound and scientific based advice that will help you achieving your goals, being those of either short or long term objectives. I am here to motivate you and encourage you in taking the right steps to a healthier diet and lifestyle.




Telephone  PHONE 075353 06087


Nutritional advice can be provide for the following conditions:
• Weight management
• Eating healthy in diabetes
• Dietary advice for people with poor appetite & diabetes
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Preventing or managing risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and stroke
• Building up weight after surgery or a period of unintentional weight loss
• Coeliac disease: avoiding deficiency and keeping a healthy weight
• Nutrition in pregnancy
• Good nutrition in childhood and adolescence
• Avoiding deficiency and keeping strong in the golden years
and others.


Area covered

all over the UK by phone or email


Example of Rates

Example of rates:
First consultation £75.00(45 minutes)
Follow up consultation £50.00(30 minutes)
For individual queries different fees apply.



BSc(HONS)Human Nutrition APHNutr. Graduated at London Metropolitan University in 2009.




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