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Counsellor and Alexander Technique Practitoner

Helen Cherry

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Offering dialogues based on the Dialogues of Socrates, who asked his students questions that they might find the answers from within themselves. As an Alexander Teacher I also teach pupils how to use themselves with less stress and to regain flexibility and reduce pain.  The student learns a better use of themselves to improve their functioning and poise.  AT is great for preventative health care and recommended for muscular skeletal conditions.






Counselling sessions, where the client is an explorer of their own reasons and beliefs underlying their behaviours and feelings. Confidentiality is assured.  Alexander lessons.  Consultations in Bioregulatory Medicine  and                  licensed to prescribe homeopathy and herbal remedies.


Area covered

Bexhill, Eastbourne and Hastings area


Example of Rates

Mentor/counselling £35 for a Dialogue of 45 mins.
AT lessons at £40 each for one hour.
Bioregulatory Medical appointments £60.  License from BRCP to prescribe homoeopathy and herbal remedies.



Alexander Teacher qualified in July 1992 in West Sussex at the Notts training course.  Later Post graduate of AT in December 2204 at the Constructive Teaching Centre Limited, London (MSTAT) Option Process mentor/counsellor qualified in 2009  at the Option Institute, Mass, USA.  Bioregulatory Medicine post grad diploma 2012 with honours from the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, Manchester St, London. (MBRCP MBSBM)

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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