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Ina Life Coaching - Valentina Dolmova

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My name is Valentina (Ina) Dolmova and I am a professional performance & life coach as well as a mentor specializing in personal development of high-achievers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and business owners.

"It’s not so often that you meet someone that can make a change in your life for just a couple of hours. Well, Valentina is definitely a person that can do that ... her approach is quite special – she is a very attentive listener, she gets under your skin quite easily and identifies your personal challenges right away..." (Testimonial Snippet - LinkedIn)

My expertise lies in the area of the so called "quarter and mid-life crises periods" where questions such as: "Was that it?; What's next?; What do I really want?; Where is my motivation?; How do I become the person I know I am capable of being?" begin to surface.

When I work with my clients we often address any or all of the below:

*Career Focus & Change *Confidence & Self-Esteem *Success Habits & Strategies *Stress-Management *Clarity on Purpose, etc.

If you have ever been or you are now in any of these situations, DON'T settle just yet:

1. Everything seems to be OK in your life yet you have a feeling that something is missing, you are not truly fulfilled and on top of that you are a little bit of a 'bad person' for not being able to appreciate what you have...

2. You've had a plan and a general good idea on where you are going and what you want to have/ achieve in life, but somehow you have doubts about what you really want and because of that sustaining motivation and being the best you can be is difficult...

3. You judge yourself for not performing as well as you know you are capable of but you also feel the need to maintain a work-life balance... It looks as if it is one or the other. You can't have it all...right?

4. You think it's best to start your own business or go into a start-up where you will find a deeper meaning but then ... the stress, the finances, the taxes...stop you?

... in management consulting, investment banking and entrepreneurship, combined with performance coaching and NLP enables me to move away from the theoretical application of life coaching and be able to quickly get you to where you want to be in various areas of your life.

It may sound cheesy to you & many coaches say it but I do walk every inch of the talk. This adds to the true understanding of my field, my clients and most of all - it is the foundation of the passion I have for producing results!

The standard approach to coaching is to have 1 or 2 hrs sessions every week (or one every two weeks). This has proven very useful for some of my clients, however a tailored approach is always created and agreed with you - varying from one full intensive day to having 45min each day for a week.

The aim is to build momentum with you so when you are done with you sessions and life happens - you have the inertia needed to manage it all and manage it successfully yourself.

Combination of mentoring and coaching is sometimes useful for specific problems.
For example if you are to start your own business and you need some practical to the point guidance on what to do with the set up I will provide the necessary support.

The aim is to blend what you need in order to get you quicker to where you want to be.


The location of face to face sessions depends on your needs & can be across London.
After initial meeting and establishing your needs I often research different places to my usual location in order to get you outside of your habitual environment if needed for example.

Also, thanks to technology effective sessions are done via Skype/ Phone.
Note that different coaching techniques are used when not in a face to face session and the physical distance can be very needed and beneficial to your progress




Telephone  PHONE


Individual coaching sessions


Area covered

London, UK; Internationally via skype/ phone


Example of Rates

There is always a free consultation sessions before deciding to work together.

After that and depending on the type of package that suits your personal needs the rate may vary.

There is flexibility in terms of payment methods and installments.

Average single session rate is ~ £137/1.5hrs



- Fully qualified in Personal Performance Coaching - "The-Coaching-Academy" UK (Recognised by the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP); ICF; The Institute of Leadership & Management; CPD Certification Service)
- 200+ hours of one-on-one coaching to date
- Corporate workshops and training for companies from the the 'Big Four' as well as others like Accenture, PwC, etc.
- Intensive UPW (Unleash the Power Within) training with Tony Robbins
- Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)




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