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Jane E Waters, MHYP. MNLP. TFTdx. EFT Hypnotherapists
Jane Introduction

Help with smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety, past trauma, grief, guilt, anger, stress, motivation etc.


Telephone 07736 133363


I combine Hypnotherapy with NLP, TFT and EFT to resolve "the problem" as quickly as possible for my client. Many problems being resolved in just one session.


Area covered

Rye, East Sussex


Example of Rates

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Master Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist with United Kindom Hypnotherapy Association. Master NLP Practitioner with founder Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. Advanced Thought Field Therapy Practitioner with founder Dr. Roger Callahan. EFT - Heart Centre.

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