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Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Julie Fallon


Julie FallonJulie FallonIntroduction


Julie Fallon has practiced kinesiology since 2004, including Touch for Health. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and fitness instructor who firmly believes that a person needs balance in life – work – play – exercise – rest - to function at their best.

If this balance falls ‘out of kilter’ over time for an individual then problems are likely to appear on a mental, emotional, and/or physical level.

Julie is dedicated to working with each individual to bring a sense of balance back into their being.

"A sense of wellbeing today is a sense of living now".



Telephone  07949 188 652



1. Kinesiology (kin-easy-ology) - powerful 3-in-1 system uses muscle monitoring to identify factors which may be disrupting or blocking the flow of energy resulting in stress or pain areas for the person.
Works on fear patterns; digestive problems; stress-related issues; exam nerves etc. Surrogate sessions for babies & elderly. The client is asked to sip water throughout the session for hydration purposes.

2. Thought Field Therapy - a powerful treatment which tackles fears, phobias, addictions, and many negative emotions such as guilt, jealousy, anger. This involves tapping on key points on the body (as seen on TV e.g. Paul McKenna). Extremely high success rate.

3. Reiki healing - Reiki can be given hands-on or hands-off the client as reiki works on the external energy (‘aura’) of the individual, including their energy centres (‘chakra’) which in turn works on the issue at hand (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Reiki energy is taken in by the individual and goes to where the person needs it most.

4. Fitness/personal training:- Specialising in body toning, aerobic work; jogging.


Area covered

Paisley, Renfrewshire and Glasgow, Strathclyde


Example of Rates

Kinesiology:- Full sessions from £35 (approx 1.15 hr). Short sessions can be arranged to suit individual timeframes.

Reiki Treatments: -
Standard Reiki Treatment (60 minutes) £20 Extended Reiki Treatment (90 minutes) £30

Fitness/personal training:-
Sessions from £25/hour. First taster session half-price.

Meditation sessions (circa 1 hour) from £10 per person.



Fully qualified reiki practitioner; kinesiologist; fitness instructor. Certificates available on request.
Post grad diploma in personnel management.


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