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Karmiyoga - Sarah Dawson

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The simplest way to describe Reiki is a gentle hands-on (or held slightly above the body) holistic healing system for balancing and harmonising the mind, body and soul. “Rei” (pronounced Ray) translates as wisdom/knowledge, and “Ki” (pronounced kee) translates as life-force energy. It's believed that Reiki was introduced to the Western world in the 1930’s and
I'm trained in the Usui lineage, developed by a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr Mikao Usui (1865-1926). I'm an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher (Master Level, 3) Attunement received, 2007), and have been practising for nine years, as part of my Yoga & Wellness business; Reiki is a magical form that can help alleviate stress-related conditions. I’m guided empathically and intuitively to channel life force energy, though it’s your body that does the healing! Whether in duress, or just wanting an energy boost, a Reiki session is deeply relaxing and will bring about subtle and transformational healing on every level.




Telephone  PHONE +44(0)7960023871


To receive Reiki energy, the client lies on a treatment table (fully clothed) while the Reiki Practitioner gently lays their hands on/or slightly above their body in a series of hand positions, working intuitively, being guided to rest where energy is most needed. This may include: the feet, head, neck, arms, legs, and the torso, sometimes the client will be asked to lie on their front so that the Reiki Therapist can access the body's Chakra systems more thoroughly via the back of the body. Healing energy is drawn through the practitioner's hands to the recipient, helping to bring about balance and harmony. Sessions are usually for one hour duration and best results are achieved with a series of three or four consecutive sessions over a month.


Area covered

Brighton & Hove


Example of Rates

Individual one hour session @ £50. Discounts on block bookings. Contact me to find out more.
Reiki Attunements workshops:
Level 1 @ £130
Level 2 @ £180



Usui Reiki Master Teacher Level, Brighton,  2007, Yoga Siromani (Sivananda lineage, India, 2007), Dru Yoga Teacher (Dru Worldwide, London, 2012), Qualified freelance feature writer, author of lifestyle books and blogger.

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