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About Me

I have a very International background, with my family originating from Scandinavia, Germany, South Africa and the UK. I was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in Winelands, West Cape, South Africa.

My main sports interests are rugby, swimming, athletics, rowing and football. I am very passionate about sports and strength training and am a firm believer in getting the most out of yourself as an athlete by doing what's right at the right time. I love challenges and one of the most fascinating dogmas is the ability to find and develop the 'super human' inside of yourself. Every person is capable of achieving their full potential and the pathway to success is one of my biggest interests.

Being from the Winelands and a food orientated family I have a passion for food and wine, and especially coffee (those that know me may say this is also a bit of an obsession...!) Not only this has pushed me towards a successful career in the food industry, but it has also given me a natural understanding of what the human body needs for peak performance.

Do you want to improve your body strength and muscles mass?

Finding the right personal trainer can be challenging: it's very hard to know if the PT/Client relationship will work unless their skill and manner is going to be compatible with your goals and training preference.

Get in touch with me your perfect Personal Trainer.




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Formulated by the world's premier strength coach Charles Poliquin. This assessment identifies your hormonal imbalances and fat storage sites which can be managed through exercise, precise supplementation programming and lifestyle management. The closest thing to spot reducing fat!
The Biosignature modulation method is the most efficient way of measuring your progress through consistent measurements, photographic diaries and feedback throughout your journey. The method is also used to highlight what aspects of your health you can improve with the correct nutrition and supplementation.

- Fat Loss
- Health Improvements
- Sports Specific
-Weight Loss
-Strength Training
- Pilates


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Contact by website - or request a call back. Kensington,Chelsea. & Nottinghill



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