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Live Over The Rainbow- Austeja Straigyte

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Do you feel lost, lonely and confused in your path through life? Have you always had BIG ideas, but never had the courage to get started? Have you tried to be realistic and play small but your desires to do something amazing were always stronger than the ordinary life you are living?  If you feel like you are tired and bored and want to kick start your amazing business and life, what is stopping you from doing that?

Sometimes the answers are easy, but sometimes there can be too many things holding us back. You might have tried your best to reach your goals, but haven't succeeded and you just cannot put your finger on the actual reason why.

Making major changes in life or starting a business can be challenging, doing it alone can be 10 times harder than in a supported environment. You don't have to do it alone, which is where I come in to help!




Telephone  PHONE +447584903620


In 90 days you can expect:

- Achieve what you have always wanted or get much closer to your desire
- Find your true passion
- Start a business
- Feel happy and fulfilled
- Anything else you desire to change!

I primarily work with entry level or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to find their real purpose in life and start a business that represents their true passions. I also do general life coaching and personal performance coaching.


Area covered



Example of Rates

£60.00 per hour or £600 for 12 sessions



M.O.E. Certified Personal Performance Coach

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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