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Maggie Fraser Shiatsu Practitioner
Maggie Introduction

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese touch therapy aimed at promoting both physical and emotional well being by releasing the free flow of energy in the body along energy pathways called meridians.

It involves the application of finger/palm pressure along these meridians, as well as holding, stretching and more dynamic manipulation as appropriate.

It is carried out on a padded mat or futon (or on a chair if that is more comfortable), with the client in comfortable loose clothing (eg sweatshirt and joggers) and no oils being used.

Shiatsu can be received as simply a relaxing and de-stressing treat or to help with a wide range of conditions from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health.

A treatment session will usually last from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Seated Acupressure is a modern adaptation of the ancient Japanese sequence of Anma massage - particularly, but not exclusively, with the workplace in mind.

It is a touch therapy working specifically on stress relief points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back, where the majority of tension and aches and pains tend to be felt.

It is carried out with clients relaxing into a specially designed chair, remaining fully clothed and with oils being used.

As well as easing aches, pains and tension, a, Seated Acupressure treatment can help to leave the client with clarity of thought and revitalised.

Treatments can be offered on a 10, 20 or 30 minute basis to suit client needs.



Telephone 0117 9091148/07795 823377


Shiatsu and On Site Seated Acupressure offered in therapy rooms, workplaces, for corporate events, training events, health fairs.

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Bristol School of Shiatsu Diploma Academy of On Site Massage Diploma Graduate member of Shiatsu Society

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