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Urban Fitness UK Personal Trainer
Urban Fitness UK Introduction

Urban Fitness UK has re-developed personal training for the 'city' lifestyle. We understand that time and space is often an issue, so we aim to ensure that this can no longer be used as an excuse.

Personal Training should be accessible and affordable to all, therefore over the last 2 years we have worked out ways to make this reality. Our prices have remained competitive due to our success and therefore, we have enough regular clients to maintain low prices for new clients.
Also, our service is improving constantly, as we encourage those associated with Urban fitness UK to undergo training every 2 months to remain 'on top' of the industry.

We have worked with a large variety of clientele, from lorry drivers, artists, company directors and models to doctors, midwives and celebrities you see and hear everyday.

We take a very individual approach to fitness and pride ourselves on offering certain activities to improve your health you would not normally expect from personal training.


Telephone 07813 321 920 - E-mail Matt Knowles (Head Trainer)


Buddy training, Corporate training, weight loss, weight gain, nutrition, sports specific training, core stability and ab conditioning, post natal exercise, body sculpting and online personal training.


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Example of Rates

FREE consultation and 1st session is also free Any number of sessions available, save up to a maximum of £650 with bulk buying!!!
1 session (£30) to 75 sessions (£1650)

Current offer - "Fit-in-6" - £500 (contact us for more information about this offer)




Exercise and fitness knowledge level 2
Exercise and fitness knowledge level 3
gym instructors award level 2
Nutrition and weight management level 3
Advanced resistance level 3
Advanced cardiovascular level 3
Sports conditioning Level 3
Client appraisal Level 3
First aid and defibrilator


Nutritional advisor
Personal trainer award
GP referral
Core stability
Client phsychology

Our trainers are experienced in a variety of fields and all come from a sporting background. Each have competed at different levels, from local team competition and coaching to professional standard.

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Matthew KnowlesMatthew Knowles

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