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NaturoHealthNutrition - Natasha Cornelius

Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio PictureIntroduction

NaturoHealthNutrition was founded by Natasha Cornelius who is a fully registered and clinically trained nutritionist and naturopath offering face to face consultations, clinical evaluation, diagnostic lab testing, genetic testing and food intolerance testing in London and Essex.

I am a member of BANT and registered with CNHC and I am fully insured and registered to practice.

At the moment I am working with children and their families supporting neurological conditions like autism and ADHD (Hither Green) as well as seeing private clients in a beautiful therapeutic centre located in South Woodford.  The centre is proud to have disabled access and close proximity to the train station.

I believe health is a myriad of interconnected webs and each habit leads onto another.  Good nutrition is so important for all of us, no matter what stage we are in life or what symptoms we have.  It truly lies at the heart of optimal well being and can either nourish and sustain or malnourish and deplete.

Good digestion and detoxification is so important for all of us and can be the trigger for many other manifestions and causes of ill health.

I will work with you to assess your present health concerns and aims so that together we can devise a achievable protocol which will be tailored to your specific needs, goals and aspirations.

Contact me for more details and for a free pre-consultation.




Telephone  PHONE +447853355204


Personalised nutrition, diet and wellbeing plans, nutrition advice and health checks, clinical lab testing and evaluation.

I am a certified Lorisian practitioner so I can arrange food intolerance testing and evaluation and tailored food plans and advice.

I am a MyDNAHealth practitioner (genetic tests and reports).

I am also a member of GDX Genova, Biolab, Regenerus Labs, Cyrex Labs and Invivo Clinical to can order and interpret diagnostic lab test results:

Laboratory testing can provide tangible support for for some clients, enabling them with the help of working with a qualified therapist to see clearly what aspects of their health need support and can be very useful when assessing the effectiveness of treatment or supplementation

Types of testing offered:
Comprehensive stool testing and parasitology
H Pylori breath and stool tests
Microbial profile
IgA secretion
Organic acid testing
Heavy metal testing
Detoxfication and digestive markers
Adrenal insufficiency and fatigue
Metabolic profile
Hormonal profile (salivary, urine, blood)


Area covered

London and Essex


Example of Rates

Initial Consultation (1 hr) - Plus an individualized diet and wellness plan, recipes, meal plans, recommended supplements and tests and referrals - £75

Follow Up Consultation (45 mins) - Plus a review of your progress, an assessment of the plan and a revised nutrition and wellness plan - £50

* There is an additional £5 charge for Saturdays and late evening appointments Mon-Fri. This to cover the additional cost of the room for weekend and evening appointments.

Health MOT which includes a consultation (45 mins). Plus recommended tips and changes, recommended supplements and tests and an individualized nutrition and wellness plan, plus healthy recipes - £70

I offer a £15 discount when you book an initial and two follow ups for £160.

For all consultations, you will have access to ongoing support for all consultations. Please see my website for more details.

MyDNAHealth - I offer all genetic testing at practitioner's rates but there will be a charge of £25 to prepare the report plus consultation fees.



Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
Diploma in Naturopathy
BA (Hons) Research and Social Science

Member of BANT
Registered with CNHC

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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