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Corinne Cole


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I do not replace your doctor. But when you know what the problem is the holistic approach of nutrition and herbalism can offer a more natural and gentle treatment than the one you would normally be prescribed.
These treatments can be very powerful even in their gentle effect and the whole body is considered, not just the part which shows the problem.
And so, helping you get back in control.





Telephone  PHONE 01963 31825


Some of the conditions I have got experience with are diabetes, dyslexia, stress, low self-esteem,depression, migraines and weight control. I am also able to advise on a number of other health issues.


Area covered

Wincanton for home visit, anywhere else if you come to me, via e-mail or on the phone


Example of Rates

initial consultation (approx.1 hour) is £15 and thereafter £6 per half hour.
My conviction of the effectiveness of the treatments is making me more determined that it should be available to everybody.



Diploma in Clinical Herbalism (April 2011),
Diploma in Clinical Nutrition (July 2011) with Stonebridge Associated Colleges, both achieved with distinction.

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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