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ParaOma Life Coaching- Amanda Oparah

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Imagine a box filled with jigsaw puzzle pieces. How on earth do all these pieces come together without the picture on the box? How do the jigsaw puzzle pieces come together to form something beautiful? You certainly know the answer to that – by taking a good look at the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box, starting with the outer edges and working your way inwards.

Well then, let us take a really good look at you. Do you ever wonder how the seemingly different or random “pieces” of you come together? Do you feel there are jigsaw puzzle pieces of your life missing? Do you know what the picture on your “life” puzzle box looks like? Do you consider any pieces of you as not fitting in with the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box that is your beautiful life?

A person can be likened to a giant, incredibly unique and stunning jigsaw puzzle. At ParaOma, we believe that all the jigsaw pieces already exist within you. ParaOma's heartbeat is walk with you in a life journey of understanding and painting the picture on your life puzzle box because you are a whole person; discovering all the pieces of you because you are a complete person; and fitting all the pieces together to create a picture that matches your life box because you are a fulfilled person.




Telephone  PHONE 07535014445


Coaching in all aspects of relationship with yourself and with others;
*Self-love Coaching;
*Spiritual Coaching;
*Business start-up Coaching;
*Career Coaching;
*Dream interpretation;
*15 minute 'laser' coaching sessions when you are in a hurry!


Area covered

All by Skype, FaceTime, Viber, Emails, Telephone


Example of Rates

We offer a complimentary 45min session to all new clients. Thereafter, our rates are as follows:

*Relationship Coaching - £50 for a 60min session
*Spiritual Coaching - £55 for a 60min session
*Business start-up Coaching - £40 for a 60min session
*Career Coaching - £40 for a 60min session
*Dream interpretation - £20 for a 30min session
*Short & Swift 'laser' Coaching on any topic - £20 for a 15min session



Currently completing my accreditation with International Coach Academy. My programme is an accredited coach training program with the International coach Federation. Further details can be provided on request.

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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