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Life Coach

Patrick Orsini

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Tired of not being all you can be? Let's work together to get the real you shine in your life




Telephone  PHONE +447530672721


I am an independent life and small business coach who has personally gone through the experience of being coached to overcome difficulties and grow faster in my personal life. I believe, because I lived it myself, that coaching is an incredible tool to gain clarity and bring fresh energies into our lives.

If you:

 - Are facing a challenge in your life (career, health, confidence, relationships, finances)
 - Feel confused and unsure about your next steps
 - Suffer from low self-esteem or low energy levels
 - Feel stressed or overwhelmed
 - Are feeling blocked or stuck
 - Lack motivation


 - Want to improve or create something new in your life (business, relationship, personal development, etc)
 - Want to progress rapidly towards your goals
 - Want to feel more fulfilled and joyful
 - Desire a better work/life balance
 - Want to have more fun in your life

Then I am here to help.

Together we can explore what is working and what can be improved in your life, so that we can create new ways for you to grow and move towards your goals.
Together we can create a beneficial change.


Area covered

Face to face in Central London, Skype and phone worldwide


Example of Rates

My fees are bespoke; after our consultation I'll make a proposal that we can then discuss together. This proposal will be based on what I believe would be the best course of action and on your personal needs. I want us to work together and this means deciding together how to proceed.



I trained in Transformational coaching with the Animas Centre for Coaching. I am also an EFT and breath-work practitioner.

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