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Nutritionist and Homeopath

Penny Rushton

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After many years of practice as a State Registered nurse, Penny Rushton turned her focus to natural therapies and nutrition, qualifing as a Registered Homoeopath in 2000 and gaining a Diploma in Natural Nutrition in 2006.  With her interest in lifestyle management Penny offers her clients a dynamic, supportive treatment package based on Naturopathic ideals, to help each individual understand and reclaim their health. 

Penny treats clients suffering from a very wide range of conditions but those commonly treated include irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, women's problems, candida, migraines and acne.  Weight loss is a specific area in which Penny feels passionately.  She works with creativity and enthusiasm to ensure that clients reach their goal weight safely and naturally.

Penny's treatments are particularly suitable for those suffering from M.E., low energy, poor immunity, insomnia, anxiety and all stress related problems.  When appropriate, Penny prepares specific homoeopathic programmes chosen with care for each individual.  In addition, she is able to offer menu plans and recipes to suit clients' individual requirements and support them through their journey to optimum health.




Telephone  PHONE 07817 453 638




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Example of Rates

Initial hour's consultation  £110.00
Follow up consultations of one hour  £85.00



Member of BANT with Diploma in Natural Nutrition, London
Member of Society of Homoeopaths practicing as Registered Homoeopath, London
State Registered Nurse, Middlesex Hospital, London

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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