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PG Coaching Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner
Piercarla Garusi Introduction

Life Coaching to help you create an extraordinary life, the easier way!

We offer 4 coaching specialties: Spiritual Life Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching, Cross Cultural Coaching and Women's Confidence and Style Coaching.

With our Spiritual Life Coaching we can help you:

. design and create a life that brings you happiness, wellbeing, abundance and inner peace, with ease, flow, and no stress!

It covers all areas:

. career/business: find the job you love and work effortlessly
. relationships: find your ideal partner, improve your relationship with your family and create a supportive and positive group of friends
. wellbeing: learn how you can feel good constantly
. connect with your soul: be authentic, live your values, discover what you truly are and your true power, find peace
. make peace with the past
. find your unique contribution to humanity

As side effects you would have...

. more happiness and joy
. more meaning and purpose
. more balance and groundedness
. more peace and abundance
. more wellbeing
. better communication and relationships
. feel good about yourself and more confidence
. more effortlessness and ease
. more 'miracles', money and success with ease

 With our Wellbeing Coaching we can help you:

. improve your performance: we need to feel good to be effective and at our best
. overcome stress, social anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, fears, low self esteem/confidence, self doubt
. we can also help you with Corporate Wellbeing Coaching

With our Cross Cultural Coaching for foreigners or if you deal with foreigners you learn:

. the secrets of successful Cross-Cultural Communication
. how to resolve misunderstanding and conflicts
. how to relocate successfully in the new country, culture, job and be happy
. we can also help you with Corporate Cross Cultural Coaching

We can also help you with Women's Confidence and Style Coaching

We can also help you with our seminars and our products.

If you would like to make a change to your life, we can teach you the easier way!

Our Customers Say It Best!

'Piercarla, I don't know how to thank you enough. Within 6 sessions you have managed what psychologists (for 7 years), numerous self-help books, yoga and meditation retreats, caring friends and family could never do for me and what I never knew how to do for myself. You have helped me to learn how to love myself, to believe in myself, to banish on-going diagnosed depression from my life, to understand my own potential, to uncover my dreams and act to make them real, to feel responsible instead of guilty and to start to love the life I have, however I choose it to be. I am making changes in my life, without fear or stress, that I never dreamed I could. I finally feel free, in control and truly empowered. I don't think I ever fully understood what that meant before. Having seen psychologists for many years I never imagined I could reach a point where I could say "You know what, I think I am going ok now. In fact I know it". And you got me here after just 6 sessions. And to think - I only came to see you to get help with my relationship, which we only spoke about briefly in the first session! By the way, it is going better than my partner or I could have imagined. From the bottom (and top, sides and middle) of my heart, I thank you for your guidance which has truly changed my life.' Kristie - London

'I really want to thank Piercarla for changing my life. When I started coaching I was feeling guilty and responsible for everything. I was not able to enjoy my life, to plan my future because I was focused on helping people around me to have a better life. I was forgetting to live my own life. Piercarla has helped me realize that my life has to be my priority. . Week after week, what I thought impossible to achieve, has happened.I was falling in love with myself again! This is great.thank you Piercarla!!!' M.- London

'Dear Piercarla When I have met you the first time I was very much impressed about your positivity. Your attitude and calm voice that showed me "I have to find myself". What I truthly want and who I am. I always was striving for perfection. Whatever I've done and wanted to be, was "perfect". So any successess I have achieved, made me happy tho only for five minutes and than I strived for better, never being or doing good enough. Doubt of who I am and what I really want. I am still working on accepting myself. However I will center on myself rather be who other want I should be and I feel I should be for others. The calm that I am looking for has become the most essential thing in my life for me. I leave the fears of the past behind me: I used to be afraid of missing out, afraid of not having the things I thought I should have, not being good enough. but I have grown up since. I have more inner peace! I know I will find MY way, to be who I am. There are a lot of opportunities in the world, I will be ready and go for it THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Piercarla. You are an amazing person. Thanks again' Sonja - London

We have 4 NEW eBook products:

101 Affirmations and Thoughts to Feel Good about Yourself and Create a Wonderful Life

This eBook contains very powerful affirmations to empower you, to help you change your life, to help you connect with who you truly are and your purpose, to help you heal yourself and feel good, to help you discover and manifest the life you want, to help you feel good about yourself and confident, to help you love yourself, to help you let go of fear, to help you feel supported, to help you forgive yourself, to help you feel inner peace.

Discover the Beliefs and Approaches That Might be Preventing You from Feeling Good

Feeling Good is a key to performance, success, to manifest our desires, to wellbeing, happiness, to being in the flow, in the zone, to a good life. But sometimes we do not really feel that way, and we might have struggled for years to feel good; we try different approaches, some of them do not really work that well. In this eBook we explain to you why common approaches to feel good do not work, we give you powerful suggestions to feel good and more information.

Discover an NLP Key to Cross-Cultural Communication

We all know the world is becoming smaller and smaller and our colleagues, employees, clients, neighbours, friends, perhaps relatives are more and more from other countries and cultures. Or we actually live in another country and culture. But what does it really mean? And what can we do to communicate successfully across cultures? This eBook will explain to you some keys of communication and Cross-Cultural communication and some points to help you become free from limiting conditioning.

Discover the Approaches that Might be Creating an Obstacle to Social Change

We see things we do not like in society, in our community, in the world, and we would like to change them; sometimes we might feel powerless or we might try to change them, sometimes not been able to the extent we would like to. This eBook will explain to you why our approaches doesn't always work, what we can do and what is the power to make positive changes we all have: you are not powerless, you are incredibly powerful!

We have a NEW seminar on the 12th July:

'Unlock the Secrets of Feeling Good' Coaching Seminar

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Area covered

Edinburgh face-to-face
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Example of Rates

2008 £50 x 60 minutes session
from September 2008 rates will increase



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