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Prohypnosis- Maria Cocis

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Hi my name is Maria and I have half of century psychic experience. Tarot and spiritual readings are my favorite areas of work. I can help you to find clarity when you are stuck and cannot find answers. I am connecting with your inner self or with other entities who can give you solutions and a hand to find your path.




Telephone  PHONE 07859897888



A tarot reading cost is £9.99 for 6 questions. I would recommend when you ask questions to put open ended questions if you can. Example: don’t ask: I will find my soul mate next month? If the answer will be not, you will not find it next month you did not progress towards your goal, you are stuck on same position. Please ask: What I need to do to find my soul mate next month. If you are asking what to do you will receive a proper guidance what to do for achieving your dream or goal. Same is valid for spiritual readings.
The tarot readings are done through email or phone. Please pay through Paypal or cheque.
A spiritual reading cost £29.99 and you can ask for 6 questions calling for a decease person you want to answer your questions. If you have not a spirit to call, I have my own spirits who I can call. They are kind and generous to help anyone in need. They are Mihai my father who loves to help people with the family matters and careers, Natasha a Russian lady who is expert on love matters and health, Ka my spiritual guide who is quite sharp and don’t bother talking delicate – he will tell you very frankly if you are an idiot and he specialize in finance and occult matters. However, I had customers who called Nostradamus and Michael Jackson, so the world is your oyster.
The spiritual reading will be digital audio and will be sent to you by email. You can listen to it on the computer (it is ‘wma’ format) or MP3 format if you prefer.
If you are passionate about palmistry I have on my site everything you need to read yourself your destiny for free.


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