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Roma Amor Life Coaching Services

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Roma Amor Life Coaching Services
Martina Swift Life Coach Dip LC (OCODL) University of Oxford

International Coach Federation Accredited Member

Martina’s Mission Statement, to work with Integrity! Honesty! Empathy! Respect!
•To work from a position of integrity
•To be honest and realistic at all times
•To work with empathy
•To show respect to all as unique human beings

Martina Swift provides Life Coaching to a wide variety of clients in all countries throughout the world. The Roma Amor organisation is based in West Yorkshire, England. Martina has many years of experience in the therapeutic professions.

Martina is an experienced and fully qualified Life Coach. The Roma Amor organisation is able to offer a professional Life Coaching service to individuals, couples and groups. The services offered are designed specifically for each unique individual, couple or group, for the purpose of enhancing life and well-being and can and will encourage growth and
confidence, enabling clients to achieve fulfilment and happiness.

The Roma Amor business is managed by Martina who has an expanding network of clients.




Telephone  PHONE 01924287047


Coaching Services

Life Coaching Options and Services

Individual Coaching

This is for individuals who require clarity, direction and support in achieving goals, living their life purpose or experiencing more joy in different areas of their life, individuals who may be experiencing a new challenge in life, or individuals who may be in need of uncovering and eliminating harmful behaviour and thinking patterns and replacing them with new empowering positive beliefs, or individuals in need of closure and harmony in their life and seeking independence, self-worth and understanding.

Individual Coaching is available through Face to Face, Video Call, Telephone and Email Coaching.

Couples Coaching

This is for couples who require more harmony and balance in their relationship, who may be experiencing difficulties such as negative emotions, living in the past or lack of motivation. Couples who may be in need of a better understanding of each other or who want to achieve and succeed together. Couples may be a romantic couple, a professional couple or a family couple. Often couples benefit from working together, couples energy provides support and accountability to each other this is a very powerful process for both parties of the relationship

Couples Coaching is available through Face to Face, Video Call, Telephone and Email Coaching.

Group Coaching

Conducted for the individual of the group or the entire group, this service is useful for those in transition, those working as part of a team or those requiring more harmony and effectiveness in their lives/workplace, groups may be a professional group, a family group or a voluntary group. Group coaching will improve relationships and give people a better understanding and respect of individuals and groups needs and boundaries thus reducing stress. Group coaching creates more energy,
commitment and balance, with the whole group benefiting from working together as unique individuals within the group.

Group Coaching is available through Face to Face, Video Call, Telephone and Email Coaching.


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Example of Rates

Free Initial Consultation

You may be seeking an initial consultation that will assist you in deciding the next step on your journey. Whether you are looking

for a one time conversation, or are exploring coaching sessions, please contact us.

Coaching Sessions

One off sessions are available and are great if you have something highly specific such as help with goal setting or removing an issue

otherwise a commitment to a course of coaching may be what you are looking for.



Martina Swift Life Coach Dip LC (OCODL) University of Oxford

International Coach Federation Accredited Member

Child development, sensory integration, cognitive development, physical and language development.

Youth leadership, power and oppression, inclusion and isolation, creative achievement also registered with Salto Youth.

Special educational needs, emotional and social development, communication skills, ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy also holds a Transformation Education Institute Certificate.

Multi-sensory environments, multi-sensory integration, the hybrid MSR, comfort zones, anchored state, safe container and the transitional space

Intensive interaction, therapeutic crisis intervention, crisis management

Living values, seven roles development and emotional, sensory and somatic awareness. Holistic, therapeutiand natural alternative therapies including colour therapy and Indian head massage


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