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Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Indian Head Massage and Acupressure/Natural Lift Facial Massage

Sandra Turner


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Usui Ryoho Reiki was developed in Japan in the mid-1800s by Dr Mikao Usui.
Reiki treats the patient, rather than the illness. Since all illness is the result of an imbalance of our energy or 'Ki', Reiki rebalances the chakras (energy centres in our body) and promotes our body to heal itself.

Reiki is non-intrusive  natural and safe method of healing, promoting the body to heal on all levels. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through you. Reiki can help healing during and after major illnesses, headaches/migraines, injuries, aches and pains, sinus problems, releases fears, stress,  promotes self-confidence and self-worth. Even terminal illnesses, which cannot be reversed, great benefit and often improvement to quality of life can be achieved. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques and promotes recovery. Reiki, incorporated at the end of an Indian Head Massage brings greater intensity to the healing.
 Note: Animals, as well as humans, respond well to Reiki.
Chakras are energy centres, vortices that draw energy into ourselves. There are seven main chakras - the harmonious use of each chakra is essential to our well being, and our wholeness.
Indian Head Massage
Not only the head but the shoulders, neck, arms and face are worked by a series of massage techniques which are at times soothing to alleviate stress and at other times stimulating to improved circulation.

The treatment brings a deep level of relaxation first by massage working on the various areas of the head, neck,arms & hands and then using pressure on various points on the scalp, back of the head and face.
Natural Facial Lift Massage
This treatment incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Face Massage (also know as Facial Rejuvenation or the Natural Facelift - a face lift without surgery) with complementary techniques from Japanese Facial Massage, and also Acupressure for the face.
 Finally the massage includes the beauty facial techniques making this a wonderful and relaxing massage to receive This amazing and popular massage offers a unique and special massage that is sweeping London and the UK.

Please be aware this treatment is the only one to include facial reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage & methods from Indian face massage as well as the other 'East meets West' techniques You may see others offering treatments with similar names, but be aware they do not include all techniques offered in this treatment.



Telephone  PHONE 020 8446 1657


Reiki Master Practitioner
Indian Head Massage incorporating Acupressure
Natural Face Lift Massage


Area covered

Finchley, North London/by appt/e-mail


Example of Rates

Reiki 45 mins £25.00/1 hr £30.00
Indian Head Massage 45 mins £25.00
Natural Face Lift massage 45 mins £25.00
15 mins Reiki can be added at the end of a massage treatment to intensify the healing process to 45 mins massage + 15 mins Reiki £30.00 



Sandra Turner is a qualified Indian Head Massage therapist and trained at Enfield College, gaining a City & Guilds certificate in IHM/anatomy & physiology.

Sandra obtained her Reiki 1 and 2 certificates at Enfield College in 2006 and gained her Reiki Master Practitioner certificate with the Quantum Health School of Holistic Health in April 2007

Diploma Qualified in Natural Facial Lift Massage issued by Gateway Workshops

Your first appointment will include a consultation, where you will be asked questions about your health & lifestyle. All information is held in the strictest confidence

I work part-time with adults in mental health crisis (since 25.7.07)offering all of the above therapies with excellent results.

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