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Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Mediation Teacher & Spiritual Teacher

Silent Truth - Christopher J Smith 


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End the Spiritual search & End Inner Suffering

Work through the process of Inner Awakening & Meditation which can lead toward Full Self Realization & the Liberation of the Mind.

Based upon ‘The 7 Silent Truths’ Teachings

Gain clarity, insight,  Awareness and understanding of who you Really are and acquire tools and strategies for Inner balance, dissolving negative karma (Thoughts, Habits & Addictions) and going beyond Inner Suffering (Depression, Anxiety, Fear & Confusion). Learn Meditation, Conscious Mindful living & Happiness through the Inner Awakening mentorship!


Why Have Inner Awakening & Meditation Coaching Online?

Have you ever felt like there is more to life? Are you tired of feeling Depressed, Lonely, Anxious, Confused, Fearful and Restless? Maybe you are looking to overcome Depression, Grieving of a loved one or particular Addictions, Or maybe you are just curious in the Nature of your Mind and how it works, what makes you and others tick. Are you simply looking to Explore who you are more deeply? There are many reasons for Inner Awakening & working with Meditation, maybe you have your own. 

What Is Inner Awakening & Meditation?

Inner Awakening & Meditation Coaching is a Deeper opening and invitation in to your True Nature. It is a way of rising beyond the limitations and sufferings that your mind creates for you on a daily basis, through the guise of Negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears, anxiety, depression, jealousy, confusion, stress, restlessness and so much more. All of these Negative qualities of the mind are created because we have not found and established our True Identity. By using the techniques of Meditation, Self Investigation and Transcending Root Belief systems we can come to a place of Inner peace, joy, happiness and an Inner Clarity of our True Nature. 




Telephone  PHONE 07961791128



Inner Awakening Mentorship

Life Coaching

Mindful Awareness Training


Area covered

All UK by Phone, Skype & Email - Worldwide by Skype & Email


Example of Rates

FREE 15 minute consultation with me

Minimum Session of 60 minutes ONLY £25

Minimum Email Coaching ONLY £7

7 Day Intensive - 1 Hour and 30 minutes a Day Consecutive or Non-Consecutive sessions

Individual Sessions are Purchasable up to 90 Minutes 



Worldwide Meditation Teacher,Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach

Counselling Level 2

Level 3 REPS Personal Trainer

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