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Smiling From Within- Beverley Phipps

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"Let me join you on your journey, be it for Life Coaching or Bereavement Counselling. Together we can use my skills and training so you will feel confident with my ability to help guide you towards your agreed goal of self development; at a pace that resonates with what you need."




Telephone  PHONE


Bereavement Counselling
I am fully trained to help you through this process which is different for
each individual; guiding you safely into a more bearable place within your
mind. Encouraging you to explore your emotions and helping you to express
your feelings from a non-judgemental viewpoint, as you heal properly from
within. I will help you to confront your pain, bringing you to a place where
you will be able to look back on your loss drawing on happier memories and a
renewed strength to face your future.

Stress Management
With Stress Management programmes individually tailored, I can help you to
discover and acknowledge the correct level of healthy stress suited to your

Confidence Building
I will help you find your confidence in your, self-acceptance. By using
your strengths I can help you to incorporate those into all areas of your
life, giving you the confidence to face any situation in the future and
tackle it head on.

Low Self-Esteem
By challenging your beliefs we can begin to identify where your negative
aspects come from and then begin to change them. This may well feel a very
daunting task to approach but the new stronger you will be well worth the
journey; possibly the start of many more!

Email Coaching
This can be an extremely quick way to get an insight into which direction you need to take coupled with directions on how to make it happen. This form of coaching works by you sending a question of your choice regarding your life or the changes you are looking to make. I will then give you full coaching advise on how to make that become a reality.




Area covered

All areas are covered: I work via Telephone, Skype, E-mail and in some cases
they are coupled with text messaging support throughout.


Example of Rates

35 minutes for £30
45 minutes for £40
60 minutes for £60

Smiling From Within Individually Tailored Life Coaching Programmes are
priced after reviewing the details of each individual person.
All major Credit Card and Debit Cards are accepted via a secure payment
service. No payment details are ever kept or stored.

Email Coaching is £35.00 and consists of 1-30 emails until you are confident that you can see the path ahead clearly in your mind, with full instructions on how to get you there.



Accredited Life Coach with The Life Coaching Institute
Fully qualified Bereavement Counsellor via Rowins Hospice & Help in
Diplomas via Meridian College:
Colour Therapy
Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Drug Awareness
Indian Head Massage
Chakra Balancing
A completed 8 hour course in Child Protection
An expert author in Personal Development, Spirituality, & Depression for
Enzine Articles

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