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southessexcounselling - Michael Desmond

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I offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is a well researched and effective form of psychotherapy or counselling. I can help with depression, low self-esteem, panic attacks, anxiety, compulsive behaviour and other psychological issues.




Telephone  PHONE 0744 637 1134


CBT involves firstly, building up a detailed picture of what is troubling the client. Together, we then pick apart the client's thinking style (cognition) and patterns of behaviour. The ongoing work then involves questioning both aspects and experimenting with alternatives. As becomes clear over the weeks, thoughts and beliefs are not facts, just beliefs but when these become irrational, unhelpful and biased towards the negative it is amazing how they can affect ones entire life. The thinking and behaving style builds over the lifespan and feels like 'part of us'. CBT demonstrates that this is not the case and that once unhelpful thoughts and assumptions such as 'i could never get that job' or 'if i go out i will panic and something terrible might happen' are let go of and replaced with more helpful but realistic thoughts the client gains their autonomy. If you have any questions please call or message for a no obligations chat.


Area covered

South essex. Benfleet based.


Example of Rates

First session £20. £35 pounds thereafter



Psychology BSc(Hons)1st class.

Counselling and Psychotherapy BSc (Hons)1st class

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