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The Rhythm of Life - Caroline Barnes



Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio PictureIntroduction

We all experiences difficulties, painful events, traumas and losses at some point in our lives, but knowing who to turn to for support and understanding can sometimes be difficult. As a result we can often feel very isolated and alone.
Crises in life can often propel us forward to search for understanding and a confidential and insightful counselling relationship where you feel safe to talk and explore your feelings and your situation can make a difference for you.




Telephone  PHONE 01303 840859/ 07709 037 559


I am accredited with the British association of Counsellors and Psycotherapits with over ten years expereince of working in a variety of settings helping people with a wide range of difficulties.
Counselling can help untangle thoughts and feelings, enabling decisions to be made and confidence to be regained, allowing you to move towards a more satisfactory future. Through this process of self discovery, you will be able to recognise what you need to grow and move towards your full potential.
Many people discover that they emerge from their crisis stronger and more resourceful, with a new and growing acceptance of themselves and can then move on to make any changes that are necessary.
As a professional Counsellor I feel that change can occur when we feel truly listened to and understood.
I offer a safe, non judgemental and confidential therapeutic relationship in which you can explore your issues, concerns or fears that may be causing you frustration or distress. My aim is to enable you to discover your true potential and to find a more satisfying way of being and functioning in your personal, professional and social Worlds.
My particular theoretic approach is informed in the main by the humanistic and transpersonal psychologies and also draws on my own experiences and trainings in a variety of Body Work disciplines. This I feel allows for an integrated creative approach, allowing for exploration of the whole person, involving Mind, Body and Spirit.
The issues I work with include
• Abuse
• Anger management
• Anxiety
• Bereavement
• Career
• Childhood issues
• Depression
• Domestic violence
• Family breakdown
• Fertility
• Loneliness
• Mid life issues
• Panic attacks
• Personal identity
• Personal Development
• Pregnancy
• Relationships
• Self harming
• Sexuality Issues
• Stress
As an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists I abide by their ethics and strict code of conduct.

I am also a theraputic voice practitioner.
Sometimes it may feel difficult to express all you need to, or say what you truly think and feel. It may seem as though your voice is `blocked` or stuck. Discovering and connecting again to your true voice is an oppotunity to become more familiar with the voice that has been calling deeply from inside. It is about giving yourself permission to say and express all that you have held onto for so long. It can be a map to help unravel the unknown and the unexplainable and an oppotunity to rediscover how it feels to be fully authentic and feel fully alive and expressive in all areas of life.

I am also a Sound Therapist and this is about working with the ancient wisdom of sound therapy and how the application of theraputic sound can bring balance and harmony to all levels of your being.



Area covered

Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone and surrounding areas Kent


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