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Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP

The Empowerment Plan - Emily

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I offer both hypnotherapy and coaching, which together make long term change both possible and much easier than you might expect. We can address challenges that are holding you back, whether they relate to your own beliefs and confidence or come from outside situtations and stresses. Taking control and becoming the director of your life takes skills and commitment, but with assistance it can be a lot of fun.




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My name is Emily and I am passionate about helping you find greater wellbeing and happiness, no matter what your circumstances are.

If you feel like life is carrying you along in a whirlwind of to do lists and stress or that you have no real pleasure or passion in your life-now is a great time to make a change.

I can help you regain a sense of purpose and build the confidence to create a life that you truely enjoy. Even if you live with a chronic health problem or have a very stressful job or home life-it is possible to take control and shape a better life for yourself.

I am qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP as well as Life Coaching, which allows me to provide you with powerful sessions that enable you to overcome limiting beliefs and difficult circumstances. Sessions are tailored to your situation and needs-together we can identify the barriers to your happiness and then set goals to negate them.

Life Coaching: with my expert coaching you can first identify and then achieve life goals that will benefit your wellbeing and change your life for the better. Coaching is a powerful tool that encourages and enables you to achieve change and progress in any area of your life. I will challenge you to look beyond your limitations and support you in finding ways to create a more fullfilling life that works for you!

Hypnotherapy: using hypnotherapy we can address deep seated issues such as a lack of confidence or phobias, or alternatively find relief from chronic symptoms and stress. Hypnotherapy can reduce pain, insomnia and anxiety amongst other things and is very useful for successfully tackling damaging patterns or limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Relaxation: if stress is affecting your wellbeing or mood then I can I can help you to experience a whole new level of relaxation. I promise that even if you feel that relaxation is impossible, I can help you find techniques that work for you and help you experience profound relaxation!

Please feel free to contact me by email or phone for a chat, with no obligation.


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£50/hour for Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy or NLP



Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and NLP, PPT Istitute, London

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