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Clairvoyant You Can Trust!
I usually can tell you what you do for a living and direct you
Tell you what he or she is thinking and where it is going and may be who else their is that is better  Messages from the other side even what your pets are thinking
Has got given you a gift in The Entertainment Industry or Books ,   I can tell you all about it.

Clairvoyants Manual, channelled by God and Norstradamus is my Teacher too
I also have Michale Jackson arond me and Queen helping me with my Music and Elvis Presley
Every thing a professinal needs to be successful in love and Business
Undoing Spells, Protection, Cleansing Techniques so you can do Readings better than most
Meditation, How to pray for Business and Love etc.  Protection from Demons
Get Information from a very High Source, and How to do Readings, Warrior Protction etc.
2x Books given Clairvoyants Manual, and Demon Protecion  $300.00
You will not find a better book any where else.



Visit Contact Charmaine via Skype: charmaine7754


Telephone  PHONE 00 617 3843 6419


Clairvoyant Medium and Teacher


Area covered



Example of Rates

half an hour $120.00  45 minutes $150.00  If done by phone Tape supplied of Reading and posted Free of charge



Nostradamus and God (Aliza are my Teachers)

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Professional's Portfolio PictureProfessional's Portfolio Picture



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