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The Polka Dot Coach - Rositta Priestley

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Stuck? Want to move forward? I can help you.

I am Rositta, The Polka Dot Coach, a London-based life coach, working with clients all over the world, to motivate change.

I am passionate about helping you to see the beauty of your own life-story, and to bring it to the world as a gift.

What you have lived and experienced is massively important, and contains a gift which the world is waiting for. I can help you to connect to the gift that you were born to offer to the world. Your gift, born out of your own life story.

I offer coaching:
To help you see the beauty of your own life-story, and bring it to the world as a gift.

To help you go from stuck to flying forward.

To listen to who you really are, and empower you re-connect with your hidden dreams.

To support you to move forward in your life.

To enable you to find out what you really want.

To inspire you out of the corporate office and into the career you really want.

To work with you on any part of yourself or your life, so that you can achieve your full potential.

I look forward to meeting you and to empowering you towards the amazing place in your life!




Telephone  PHONE 07981128369


I offer coaching to:
Find your own gift and bring it to the world.
Go from stuck to flying forward.
Re-connect with your hidden dreams.
Move forward in your life.
Find out what you really want to do.
Get out of corporate and into creative.
To achieve your full potential.


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Free consultation for every client, no strings attached. This gives us the chance to see whether we want to work together as coach and client.

Current Fees:
My current fee starts from £50 per session when bought as part of a minimum 3 month package.



CTI's Co-active Coach Training Program (104 hours)
London, constituting part of the ICF Accredited coach Training Program (ACTP).
March 2015.

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