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WattsYourPathway - Helen Watts

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Are you lacking confidence in who you are and what you offer to the world? Perhaps a transitional event in your life has kicked something off in you and you're not really sure of your identity any more or how to move forward?

I work with clients who feel a bit stuck where they are, and who aren't afraid to look at their stuff and work on their personality issues to help them move forward. I work mostly with expatriates who have gone back to their home countries, helping them through their transition. Also with anyone else who wants to see a breakthrough from the patterns that keep them stuck. I make use of the Enneagram, a self-awareness tool that helps us see and move away from our habitual ways of interacting with the world.




Telephone  PHONE 07510 923972


I offer a series of 6 coaching sessions which will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and the way you interact with the world; confidence in who you are and what you have to offer to those around you; and ways forward out of your stuck-ness


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Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (with merit)




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