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Your Life Coach - Karen Campbell

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Fully trained life coach successfully helping people live the life they want




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Have you ever had the feeling: 'is this it?' Perhaps you've got the job and/or relationship that you wanted but it's not made you as happy as you thought it would? Or maybe you've got big, life goals that seem unreachably far away, even though you know achieving them would make you 'more you'?
I've been there too: stuck in a career and relationships that were uninspiring, damaging even, and it's so easy just to stay put, shut up and make do. But why do that? We only live once, right?


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Trained by of one of the UK's leading life coaches Carole Ann Rice's Pure Coaching Academy which is accredited by the IIC&M.

IIC&M is the preferred Accreditation Board for Coaches, Mentors, Training Organisations and Clients, creating excellence in the Coaching and Mentoring profession and it is the only government approved accreditation body. It is also endorsed by the IRCM as a body of excellence.

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