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At Head To Toe Beauty we take our advertisers satisfaction as our number one priority and we are pleased to see that is providing lots of our advertisers with work and publicity! see for yourself with a small selection of comments passed onto us below!

Jenney Hudson - Makeup Artist

I have just been given a fantastic opportunity to work with the local TV up here in the East Midlands and I cannot thank-you and the website enough for words can describe how I currently feel!! I may even have champagne this lunch-time to celebrate! If you believe in yourself and your dreams.... Advertise yourself on THIS web site and all your dreams will slowly start to come true!!! Thank-you from the bottoms of my feet! Jenney Hudson


and a follow up from Jenney...


Just to let you know, I'm on ITV Central News tonight & Friday with the below job!

It's been an amazing experience for me and I can't thank you enough...


Eve Wignall - Makeup Artist

At last, a site that lets you express your level of skill, the types of skill, the type of work you want at the cost you deserve, without trying to rip you off. It's a worthy site recommended to my colleagues throughout the film industry. Well done and thankyou.


Paula Woodward - Nail Nouveau

Thank you for the last 12 months, the website has been a fantastic way of advertising!!


Elisabeth McLoone - Makeup Artist

I have received quite a bit of work thanks to the website, it really is helpful in building up business!


Val Evans - Pinkies

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to advertise on your site.
Having recently moved to a new area, It is difficult to bring in the clients at the start. Head to Toe has really helped my business, ITS GREAT!!


Catherine Cliffe - All About Style

Great directory, getting lots of queries!


Lalaine Forgham - Kasal make-up & hair design

I have only been with you for about 1 month and I have had loads of people contacting me. Thank you so much!!!!


Stella Forde - Makeup Artist

I'm really impressed with your website, I have only been signed a day and I have already had enquiries, I'm amazed, thank you so much.


Leila Coppock - Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Masseuse, Pilates Instructor

"Head To Toe Beauty is a great concept, enabling people to find a practitioner for just about anything related to health and fitness without trawling through loads of different websites and directories. From the client's perspective it takes the stress and hassle out of finding a professional to treat or train them, and from the practitioner's perspective it enables you to advertise all your skills in one place and network with other professionals."


Paula Woodward - Nail Nouveau and Beauty

Thank you so much for everything that you have done. The site looks great!


Cathy McCarney - Channelling Energies

Thank you for uploading my business details and contacts on the Hypnotherapy category on your website. It's fabulous.


Gill Robinson - GR Hypnotherapy Clinic

I have to say what you are doing is wonderful. It is a brilliant idea and very
much needed. I am very excited about the whole concept as well as getting to know others who are also trying to build their own businesses.


Sally-Ann Livingston - Reiki Blosson

I'm also excited to be offered this opportunity,
thankyou! I look forward to being a part of the Head
To Toe Beauty online community


Ged Musto, Personal Fitness Trainer/Consultant - BMC Fitness

I joined ‘Head to Toe Beauty’ in June of this year and I must add the results have been totally exciting.

Rebecca, the MD has been very supportive and I feel that the concept she has come up with is a revolutionary idea, I have been involved in Fitness for just over 20 years now and have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I have to be brutally honest this is exactly what the Fitness Industry has been crying out for over the years I have been involved within the system.

Overall I have had 15 people phone me up regarding my Personal Training services and out of these have come 5 new clients, all of which are enjoying the training I am offering but without them looking up Head to Toe Beauty in the first place then I wouldn’t be giving out this testimonial, so overall it has been a 1 in 3 success ratio.

Head to Toe Beauty has pushed my details to new and far reaching customers and all I say is give it a try and stick with it, the clients will come thick and fast!

All it leaves me to say Rebecca is thank you ever so much and I hope to generate more clients as the site goes from strength to strength.


Cheryl Turtlemoon

I am a returning client of Head To Toe Beauty advertising, as they are the only company from which i have consistently received enquiries due to my advertising on their website.
Head to Toe Beauty is professional and I would recommend them highly to anyone wishing to advertise on the net. Also it is great value for money. Brilliant!!!!

Cheryl Turtlemoon

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